Are you seeking the closest approximation
to the original sound? We too.

With more than 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing sophisticated high-definition speakers and some important inventions we are the technology leader in sensor-controlled active loudspeakers.

(Friedrich Mueller, founder and CEO of Silbersand)

Einschub Active and analogue

Our core competences are active loudspeakers with a close connection between  mechanics and electronics on the basis of analog technology.

geregelt Loop closed

Our motion-sensors bring the "free" vibrations of the cones under sensor-control.

This closed-loop electronic-mechanical system eliminates resonances and
dramatically reduces THD and intermodulations.

dopplerGoodbye Doppler

Loudspeakers are subject to the Doppler effect because their cones are not stationary but moving sound sources.

This leads to the well-known shift of frequencies with the consequence of hearable non-harmonic overtones and an unclear separation of different voices and instruments.

In order to avoid this, we invented and implemented a method that compensates the acoustical Doppler effect. This important feature gives you a completely new listening experience. 
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FM 3 "Delphi"

Small in size - but a new dimension of crystal clear music reproduction.

Dimensions: 47 cm (h) x 18cm (w) x  27 cm (d)
Weight: 14 kg
Audio-Input: Analogue, XLR, symm.
Price / pair: USD 14.500.-
FM 5

Optimized for the reproduction of natural musical instruments, this speaker surprises with extremely high resolution and homogeneity.

Dimensions: 141 cm (h) x 18cm (w) x  27 cm (d)
Weight: 34 kg
Audio-Input: Analogue, XLR, symm.
Price / pair: USD 19.500.-
FM 701

The "non-plus-ultra" of modern loudspeaker technology.

Dimensions: 168 cm (h) x 30 cm (w) x  51 cm (d)
Weight: 68 kg
Audio-Input: Analogue, XLR, symm.
Price / pair: USD 51.500.-
for Stereo, multichannel 5.1 and 7.1

With this streamer we simply transferred our principle "clear technology for clear sound" to digital technology.

With a completely new architecture, oversized hardware and an own software, we can guarantee the highest precision not only for DA conversion, but also for filtering and format conversions without the need for signal-shaping, reclocking or other corrections.

Dimensions: 12 cm (h) x 45 cm (w) x  39 cm (d)
Weight: 20 kg
Price: USD 21.500.-

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